Library Groups on Facebook

Are you on Facebook? Do you know of all of the library Facebook Groups that you can join and instantly connect with hundreds, in some cases thousands (and in one particular group over 10,000) other librarians?

No? Well, have no fear! The 5 Minute Librarian has compiled some of the top groups in many different areas of public librarianship. This list is no where complete (it is really hard to find these groups without knowing someone who is in them), so please post in the comments any additional groups to be included on this list!

Also note that I did not include any regional groups since they would only apply to a small number of readers, but local groups are out there! Look up your colleagues and see what groups they are part of – that may be the easiest way to find them.

ALA Graphic Novels & Comics in Libraries MIG
American Library Association’s Group dedicated to Graphic Novels & Comic Books! Also find us on ALA Connect:
403 members

ALA San Francisco 2015 ALATT Chapter
A fun back-channel for ALA San Fran 2015. Positivity-only zone. All librarians welcome. #mih #makeithappen #alatt15 2015 Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA: June 25-30, 2015
255 members

ALA Think Tank
Librarians! Social media’s space for them! We #makeithappen and #partyhard TOGETHER! We>MeDISCLAIMER: WHILE we love the American Library Association, we are IN NO WAY affiliated with them. ALA, in our case, stands for “Awesome Librarians Associated” because everyone here is awesome. You do NOT need to be an American Library Association member to be here. You don’t even need to be American!
11,186 members

Business Librarians
This group is dedicated to informing librarians with reference and research specialties in all aspects of business and finance of new developments and trends in business librarianship. We welcome business librarians (academic, public, corporate, etc), adjunct members like vendors of business-related research materials, and librarians of all sorts who just want to learn a little more about business research.
150 members

eLearning in Libraries
This is a group for anyone who is interested in developing e-learning for library purposes. We will share ideas and engage in discussion about e-learning. Public, academic, school, and special library staff are all encouraged to join. E-learning can include screencasts, tutorials, videos, and any other training delivered in an online format, and may be for library staff or patrons.
113 members

IFLA – LSN, Library Services to People with Special Needs
The Section for Library Services to People with Special Needs provides an international forum for the discussion of ideas, sharing of experiences and development of tools designed to promote and improve the effectiveness of library and information services to special needs groups, and the promotion of national and international cooperation at all levels.
831 members

League of Librarian Gamers – for Librarians who Play
A group for librarians who play games of all kinds – board games, card games, RPGs, video games, tabletop games, Magic: the Gathering, miniatures, dice games, classic games. If you’re a Librarian, and you play games, join this group!
370 members

Librarians in the Northwest
A virtual meeting ground for librarians and library professionals in the Pacific Northwest interested in talking about how to #makeithappen in their library spaces.
670 members

Libraries & Information Technology: Making FarmVille Work Better
A place for those who work in public & academic library IT departments to network & share advice. This is a closed group, so feel free to be candid.
114 members

Libraries & Social Media
This is a group for anyone working professionally in social media for their library, or those curious about what it’s like.
2,746 members

Library Coffee Shop Talk
Enjoy your hot beverage and enjoy a light virtual conversation with other library minded folks.
144 members

Library Employee Support Network
A place where librarians can gather and talk about abusive workplaces anonymously and safely and also get support and advice from colleagues. Email LESN.share and admin will post your comments anonymously. *OR* You can post from our anonymous Facebook account (ask one of the admins for the password).
462 members

Library Entrepreneurship & Maker Services
More and more, libraries are becoming places of active, connected learning. We have also stepped up to the plate to help the jobless and career-changers in our communities rejoin the workforce. This group is where we will be discussing new ways that libraries can support makers, job hunters, the business-curious, freelancers, career changers, builders, startups, entrepreneurs, and existing businesses. Let’s make business and maker support as visible as storytime. Library Entrepreneurship & Maker Services is an official Member Interest Group of the American Library Association: Visual resources are being collected here:
552 members

Library Related People
This is a Facebook group that welcomes all library related people. If you work in any library related capacity, intend to do so, or are plain interested we want you!
2,667 members

LibraryAware Lab
Let’s talk and share the library advocacy and marketing challenges and successes. Here we can ask each other questions and get a little more information so we can get to better solutions. LibraryAware Lab is a place to discuss, share, collaborate, and learn about what works and what doesn’t work.
588 members

MakerSpaces and the Participatory Library
An open space for collaboration and sharing about MakerSpaces, digital media labs, and participatory/community spaces in libraries. Let’s share ideas, failures, successes, and resources!
2,422 members

Massachusetts Library Association Fans
Connect with members of the Massachusetts Library Association. Cheer library successes and innovations. Advocate for adequate funding for libraries.
549 members

Museums + Libraries
A forum for library & museum professionals to exchange ideas & be all up in each other’s business. John Cotton Dana is our mascot. Cross-pollination is our jam.
138 members

Outside the Lines
Outside the Lines is a weeklong celebration – Sept. 13-19, 2015 – demonstrating the creativity and innovation happening in libraries. Participating in Outside the Lines? This is a place to share ideas for events, campaigns and guerrilla marketing tactics for this fall’s celebration of libraries. Inspiration, suggestions and questions welcome! Find out more at
411 members

Paging America: Advocate for Your Public Library!
How do you support your public library? Let us count the ways! Share your advocacy tips, tools and genius ideas with library advocates and patrons around the world.
119 members

Programming Librarian Interest Group
To bring together all types of librarians interested in public programming for their patrons. Programming is an intrinsically essential library service. The Programming Librarian Interest Group helps librarians advocate for programming at their own institutions, share program ideas and successful strategies, and provides a space for professional development by librarians who do programming officially and unofficially as part of their job duties. The group is also be a vehicle for ALA members to connect more dynamically with ALA’s Public Programming Office.
1,367 members

R-Squared Risktakers
The R-Squared Risktakers group is a place to share how you’ve put your ideas from #rsq12 into practice. Share risks, challenges, triumphs and creative ideas. Whether you were at the conference or just love disrupting conventions, this is a place for free exchange.
219 members

The Shareable Clique
A Facebook Group for libraries and book lovers to share their viral content that can be reshared on other Facebook accounts. What works well at your library that may work well at other libraries? Share your successes, increase your outreach, and help other libraries build their audiences!
127 members

Storytime Underground
Storytime Underground is a collective of youth services librarians and professionals who firmly believe literacy is not a luxury. Our mission is threefold: We support each other; we promote each other; and we train each other.
2750 members

Storytimes And More on the Go
A place for Children’s librarians and staff who conduct outreach to come together and share ideas. Outreach is and has become so much more than just storytime for many libraries. Reaching out into our communities and letting them know what’s available to them is such a valuable tool for all libraries. We are on Pinterest ~ ~ and on Twitter ~ ~ Please follow us!
439 members

Technology Training and Libraries
A resource for technology training for staff and the public. This is a place where ideas and resources can be shared.
1,162 members

Teen Librarians
921 members

Teen Services Underground
Our mission is to support, promote, advocate, and build a community space to highlight the importance of teen services in minding the gap. We know how hard teen services can be and we want to help!
345 members

Teen Think Tank
328 members

Troublesome Catalogers and Magical Metadata Fairies
A place for catalogers, metadata librarians, and those who admire them. Grab your wands and raise some Hell. ;c)
1,234 members

WordPress and Librarians
This group is for librarians using WordPress.
820 members

Special thanks to Patrick Sweeney, Laura Hollister, and Austin Stroud for their help in compiling this list!

Note: Member numbers are collected from Feb 6, 2015. Please check back later for any updates! Inactive groups will be removed yearly.

Remember — sharing is caring! If you join a new group due to this list, please tweet, email, or post about this blog post. It’ll warm my little librarian heart that the hours I spent on this list were indeed helpful!


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