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10 best Android apps released in 2015!

Check out the written version – http://goo.gl/vavWNE !

Join us as we round up the best Android apps released in 2015. This year, we even pick a winner!

Adobe apps – https://goo.gl/PGlS8R
Apple Music – https://goo.gl/JkP2Zw
Cortana – https://goo.gl/6x6vfC
Khan Academy – https://goo.gl/oFEu4W
Kodi – https://goo.gl/F7VBmm
Microsoft Word – https://goo.gl/Cbq9Dt
Microsoft Excel – https://goo.gl/f5zUJU
Microsoft PowerPoint – https://goo.gl/PUz5lG
Periscope – https://goo.gl/mTlJ5i
Sling TV – https://goo.gl/3HK2Vj
YouTube Music – https://goo.gl/34X5GC
YouTube Gaming – https://goo.gl/6slQZN
YouTube Kids – https://goo.gl/zDm9VY
Google Photos – https://goo.gl/YwEVxn

Got A Bad Gift? Respond Like This!

Most, if not all of us at some time has received a gift that didn’t quite meet our expectation. In today’s TalkTank I share with you 3 tips, that will hopefully save you from that awkward ‘bad-gift-moment’.

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Things A Justice Of The Peace WONT Do!

A Justice of the Peace (JP) is a person of unquestionable integrity who seeks to promote and protect the rights of individuals and helps to give justice to those persons in a particular community.The Ministry of Justice, provides supervision for the various processes involved in the appointment of Justices of the Peace and ensures that records are accurately maintained.

In this vid Craig shares a couple reason a JP (Justice of the Peace) will refuse to certify or authenticate a document, or give even give you a character reference.

The views expressed in this video are solely mine, and does not reflect those of the LMAJ, Custodes in Jamaica, any particular JP or the Ministry of Justice (MOJ).

Students' Loan Bureau – 3 Great Reasons To Apply

The Students’ Loan Bureau is Jamaica’s premier student loan financing organization committed to ensuring that qualified, needy Jamaican students have equal access to financial assistance to pursue tertiary education (www.slbja.com). In this video, I suggest 3 reasons students avoid applying for a loan through the government funded agency. More than that, I suggest why these reasons are not so great.

All information in this vlog must be verified with the SLB before acting.

The Students’ Load Bureau (SLB) has not sponsored this video. The views are mine, and in no way represent the opinion of the SLB, or my employer.

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The Students’ Loan Bureau:

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