Hero’s are made each and every day.
Some we know, other’s, vanish in the fray.
To know one, is a thing of glory.
You’ll be amazed listening to their story.
“I’m not a hero, I just did what I had to do.
I’d do it all over again, be it for him, her or you”
In the distance, I saw a disaster.
I ran to save a life, that’s all I was after.
A life I was able to spare
For my own, I didn’t care.
Maybe, just maybe, that’s why I was put here,
So that tomorrow, my story you will share.
Maybe you’re a husband or even a wife
Doesn’t matter, for you, I gave my life.
I may be gone, my body still and cold.
You’ll never forget me, for eternity, I’ll live in your soul.

by Vincent Sacco

Source (Social Development Commission)