Resources for Right to Know Day

The right of access to information is an important human right, necessary for the enjoyment of other human rights. It is also essential for transparent and accountable a country’s government and the operation of their Ministries/Departments and sub-agencies. International Right to Know Day began on September 28, 2002, when freedom of information organizations from around the world came together in Sofia, Bulgaria and created the FOI Advocates Network, a global coalition working together to promote the right of access to information for all people and the benefits of open, transparent, and accountable governments.
  1. FreedomInfo
  2. International FOI and ATI Cases (PowerPoint)
  3. ATI Comparative Chart, Jamaica (PDF)
  4. ATI Frequently Asked Questions, Jamaica (PDF)
  5. Investigative Journalism ATI (PowerPoint)
  6. Jamaica Minister Pledges introduction of ATI Bill
  7. The Right to Information and Privacy: Balancing Rights and Managing Conflicts – David Banisar
  8. Proactive Transparency: The future of the right to information – Helen Darbishire
  9. Global Right to Information Update: An Analysis by Region
  10. Note: Information & Communication Technologies and Access to Public Information Laws