Happy Father's Day

I must say Happy Father’s Day to my father Sir Winford Cornwall.  You are the definition of a father and a man that is more than a Dad.  You made sacrifices throughout the years to ensure that your family is well educated and self reliant.  You provided for us emotionally and financially.  You spent the necessary time with your family, going above and beyond to ensure their survival to the end of the race that is called life. Even though you are no longer here on earth with us, your work as a Man, Husband, Father and Friend have paved the way for us to become as successful as our minds set out to be.  Thank you for all you have done for me and I will never forget you.  As I complete this chapter in my life, graduating from University, and taking charge in my new position in the working world, I will always remember your hard work and commanding presence at work, home and play. RIP. From a Wife and Son who misses you dearly!