Bishop T.D. Jakes – T.D. Jakes Sermons 2015 : CAN GOD TRUST YOU WITH TROUBLE

We plan and prepare for the future, but trouble has the unsettling quality of popping up when you least expect it. However, it’s in those moments of sudden chaos that God is moving and working out His plan. Bishop T.D. Jakes delves into the account of Mary, mother of Jesus, to elaborate on how God’s plan will override ours for His glory.
“Whenever God does something you don’t understand, you will want to back out of the process…But, can you stand when you don’t understand?”

Life is complicated, and we must learn how to be consistent when everything is confusing. Like Mary, you can be highly favored, but that doesn’t mean you won’t experience frustration. As you let the truth of this message settle in your spirit, you will arrive at the answer to this pivotal question: “Can God Trust You With Trouble?”
Directed by Bishop T.D. Jakes.

Baltimore Mother Who Pulled Son From Riots Speaks Out: “I Don’t Want Him To Be A Freddie Gray”

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You may not know Toya Graham’s name, but you might remember her pulling her son out of the Baltimore riots on Monday.

The proud mother of six talked to reporters on Tuesday about the viral moment. While everyone applauded Graham by naming her “Mother of the Year,” Graham says she didn’t want her only son to be another victim of police violence. The mother was seen hitting and grabbing her son after spotting him in the middle of the riots following the funeral of Freddie Gray.

“I’m a no-tolerant mother. Everybody who knows me, knows I don’t play that,” Graham told the network. “He knew. He knew he was in trouble.”

She also says she didn’t notice the cameras were rolling when she yanked him from the chaos. Out of the 235 arrests made overnight on Monday, 35 were juveniles.

“That’s my only son and at the end of…

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