Searching for DVD's in the Catalog

thoughts, ramblings, & rants of a librarian

I recently received (yesterday) the following text message from a dear friend, “Why when I type in (name of tv show) to OhioLINK do I not get the results I’m looking for?” I have requested said items for this friend before so I knew exactly what she was looking for. I took a few minutes reveling in the warm feeling that reference questions bring me (also I was getting ready for a webinar haha) but then I formulated my rant like response.
I explained to her that by just typing a title into the keyword search bar of OhioLINK or any catalog it doesn’t know what format of material you are looking for, also you’ll need to check SearchOhio for this item. But go ahead and start your search in OhioLINK, trying this “(name of tv show) AND dvd” Now in SearchOhio the number of the season isn’t included in…

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