Introducing the International Librarians Network Incorporated

International Librarians Network

We’re very excited to announce that the International Librarians Network is now incorporated as a not for profit association, under the laws of New South Wales, Australia. This is a big deal for us as the program directors, and we wanted to share the news with our community.

What does this mean?

It means that the ILN is now a legal entity. When we started the ILN we did so very informally; we didn’t predict the support the program would receive. Now we know how much enthusiasm exists for international peer mentoring, we want to ensure the program’s long term future. Being a legal entity allows us to enter into formal agreements with other organisations. We believe this is an important step towards developing financial sustainability for the program.

What will change?

For our participants, nothing.

We remain dedicated to delivering a high-quality, accessible peer-mentoring program. Participation in that program will remain free…

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