Usain Bolt runs 9.7 on Anchor Leg 4x100m – #GibsonRelays

Usain Bolt runs 9.7 on Anchor Leg 4x100m Heats Season Opener Gibson Relays 2015
Warren Weir, Michael Frater
Gibson McCook Relays 2015.


My Experience @ UWI's Career Days

After Career Days at my University this past week. I have had a lot of different views on librarianship by prospective student completing their high school diploma as well as undergrad. But this one stood out for me…
Undergrad girl: ” Why does a smart guy like you do a Bachelors Degree in Library and Information Studies? To make matters worst you want to do a Master of Arts Degree in Library and Information Studies. You seem like an IT person or a Scientist or a Doctor… But Librarianship…. Really tho”
Me: 1. I do it because i love it; 2. Because librarianship is more than handing books to users and collecting it… Its a way of life… Its as important as breathing… 3. We are advocates for your information freedom, 4. We aim to improve information literacy and even literacy in general, in a sense we are like teachers without an Education Degree (some librarians do have an education degree), 5. We ensure that the organization we represent have top of the class information in order to be world class and have a competitive edge, 6. Who told you that a librarian cannot be a IT specialist, Scientist, Doctor? Our degree is General in the sense that we can link it with any profession. For example: someone with a IT background with the relevant degrees or certification with a MLS or MALIS is a Systems Librarian. Librarians who work for scientific organizations depending on their job description is like a scientist based on the research they do for the person who will be mixing formulas and stuff… Doctors can be Medical Librarians…. Finally, Look at me! I am looking good right… I am being paid well!!!
Undergrad girl: “I see you are passionate about your profession and not many men would speak about their profession like that. You have opened my mind to Librarianship”

BTW she is considering doing her MLIS degree in 2016.