Good Bye 2014… Hello 2015

Greetings WordPress, Twitter, Google+ Followers and Facebook friends,

As we are all aware, the sunset on the year 2014 has arrived and we are a few hours away from starting another year… The year 2015. But before I talk about what I would like for 2015, I have to mention 2014…

2014 was not such a good year (well depending on how you looked at it)…. It followed the course of 2012 and 2013.. In 2014, I didn’t even bother to make an effort to do much. It was as if I was wondering around or i was passenger in my own mind and not knowing what was going on.  There were times I felt like giving up, times when I felt as if I needed to do more by I was paralyzed by my thoughts and me emotions. I lost friends and people who I loved, I made friendships that were not the best ones to make. Allowing my problems and inefficiencies define who I was. Yep most of 2014 I was depressed *some of you maybe wondering when was I depressed? I remember a scene in Doctor Who recently this year when Clara asked Robin Hood why he was so sad, So Robin replied by saying ‘Why do you think me sad?”… Her reply was “Because the Doctor’s right: you laugh too much”.* I was more or less burnt out  and tired.

The year started with my laptop being damaged but God made a way so that I was given a new one a better one. God has done a lot… I walked off a job in faith to do Internship for school and immediately after that I got a summer job and after the summer job I was employed on the UWI Campus… Isnt God good?… But I was still under pressure… Still burnt out… Still wanting to give up..

This last week placed me in a vulnerable state to allow God to speak to my soul and he helped me to heal.  Now I was looking to heal from a relationship that ended but God did more that heal that situation.  HE helped me to be free to understand that nothing just happens, to let it go, how to deal with my depression and more.  I was told that he already went through and died for all my problems, so I should just brush myself off and keep walking with my head held high and know that HE gotz ma back no matter what. He maintained that my destiny will not be with the ones who left my life but the ones he has placed there to be my foundation and from that foundation my mansion will be built.

My prayer for 2015 is that I will grow from the failures of 2014 and become a better man, that I will find myself and understand myself, building friendships and alliances that will only build and guide me in the way that I should walk.  To become successful, To become DEMAR CORNWALL.  Good bye 2014… I will not miss you…

I also pray that my friends and family, acquaintances and those who know me … Will have a great year and remember you are nothing without God….