Megan Fox Vs Orland Park Library

I have to be neutral here, I understand where she is getting at and the only reason this went as far as it did was because of the “I dont want to hear it” attitude and body language of the board. Yes we do believe in unfiltered access to the internet but this could have been handled properly. I know for sure my library has rules on using the internet because we are aware that materials may not be accepted by patrons and we want them to come back. This is the day and age where access to the internet is increasing and we want persons to come to the library to fulfill our mandate as information professionals to the society. I dont know anything about Megan Fox and I dont wish to. All I am saying “A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger”.

My Thesis was on the Filtering the Internet and Libraries…. Now I could go on and on about the library not filtering internet and yada yada and all the bells and whistles that comes…. the picture I am looking at is the behavior… At all times the library should show the best side possible… I am not saying change the policy or whatever other scenarios! … Ok she is a crazy person…. Yes she is terrorizing the staff.. But whats the image you want the public to see? I applaud them for sticking to the policy…. I applaud them for all they are doing re talking actions against the defamation/lie she is spreading…. But what about the viewers…. She may be making this up… but the viewers may not know that. All they would see is the library board, Magan Fox and the friction in the middle… I am just talking about the image here… not the situation…

Note: I am only looking at the bigger picture…. the library’s image… I am neutral and this is my view… If you dont agree ohh well… 🙂

ORLAND PARK LIBRARY: Pornography, Arrogance of Board of Directors, and Dangers to Children